Our Complex Event Processing (CEP) Test Automation Suite uses Combinatorial Testing Techniques (CTT) for fast creation of Continuous Query Test Suites. Automatically registers and unregisters test cases to the system and provides alerts & recommendations based on obtained results. CTT have been a preferred method in software testing due to their quantifiable case coverage guarantees and appropriateness for automation. However, CEP engines commonly used today for real-time analysis over critical, high-volume data stream processing applications HAVE NOT BEEN systematically tested with our unique approach before. Testing practice has a critical place during the design, implementation and integration of software, hardware and complex systems. Cost of failures caused by bugs that could not be detected and fixed early in the process increase in a multiplicative way and adversely affect the overall projects costs. However, trying to do comprehensive tests generating correct outputs is also costly. We can help you solve these problems, reduce errors, and save money!